Join the Royal Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things

Well, it must be royal, ’cause it has Knight in its title: the Dark Riders expansion for Mage Knight streets today, featuring figures with riders, dark and otherwise, that can be removed from their mounts and placed on their own bases. Some figures I’ve seen might have benefitted from a second sculpt for use when standing on their own; when you put them on the independent base, they look a bit like they’re doing that one Michael Jackson dance move. Or like they have a pole stuck in their butts… which, in point of fact, they do. Wow, now I wish I hadn’t put those two images next to one another. I’m sure WizKids does too, but nonetheless, this should give MK strategy an interesting goose (there I go again). A press release waits below.

Below is press release text from WizKids.

Mage Knight: Dark Riders DEBUTS TODAY

April 28, 2004 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc., makers of the best-selling Mage Knight™, MechWarrior®: Dark Age and HeroClix® collectable miniatures games (CMGs), is proud to announce the release of the Dark Riders expansion for the Mage Knight CMG, the fantasy miniatures game that has sold more than 50 million figures since its release in 2000.

“Dark Riders creates an entirely new dynamic for a miniatures game,” said Jordan Weisman, WizKids® CEO. “In their return to the Mage Knight game, riders can now dismount; riders and mounts can be attacked and destroyed independently of each other; and riders can ride many types of mounts.” In addition to adding an unprecedented level of strategy to the game, Dark Riders introduces the Avatars of the Apocalypse.

A Dark Riders Booster Pack contains four randomly selected, prepainted miniature figures, and it carries a suggested retail price of $7.99. A Mage Knight Starter Set is required to play.

Learn more about Mage Knight online at The game is fully supported with organized play at conventions and in-store tournaments.

Founded by 20-year game-industry veteran Jordan Weisman, WizKids is a Seattle-based game developer and publisher dedicated to creating tabletop games driven by imagination. Its Mage Knight, MechWarrior and HeroClix CMGs are among the most successful games on the market today, and the company has sold tens of millions of figures worldwide. For additional information, visit

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