Green Ronin to wield Warhammer FRP, other titles

This morning, Green Ronin announced it has struck a deal with BL Publishing, a subsidiary of Games Workshop, to be the exclusive RPG developer of GW properties. The products will be published by BL Publishing, allowing Green Ronin to concentrate on the creative aspects. As one would expect, the planned products include a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, which Green Ronin is already working on. The new version is scheduled for Spring 2005, and is sure to be followed by a variety of other Games Workshop RPG titles. If Warhammer 40k becomes a roleplaying game, we may see a whole lot more sci-fi going around.

Green Ronin press release text follows:


April 30, 2004 it has concluded a deal to design and develop roleplaying games for BL Publishing, a subsidiary of Games Workshop. Green Ronin has been named exclusive RPG developer for Games Workshop’s intellectual properties, including Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. The games will be published by Black Industries, the new RPG imprint of BL Publishing. Work has already begun on a new edition of the classic Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play game.

Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 are two of the best properties in gaming,” says Green Ronin’s President Chris Pramas, “and they deserve top quality RPG treatment. We are honored to be working with BL Publishing to make these games a reality.”

Pramas, winner of multiple Origins and ENnie Awards for his design work, is no stranger to the worlds of Warhammer. He contributed several Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 short stories to Inferno magazine, and wrote for the previous edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play. “Designing the new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play will, in many ways, be the culmination of my career as a game designer,” adds Pramas.

“I am delighted to announce this new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play,” says Simon Butler, head of Black Industries, “and in Green Ronin we have a developer who shares both our passion for the world of Warhammer, and our commitment to producing innovative and immensely enjoyable roleplaying games of the very highest quality.”

Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, 2nd edition, is scheduled for Spring, 2005. Games based on other Games Workshop properties, as well as major licensed products, are also in development.

Games Workshop, Warhammer, and Warhammer 40,000 are trademarks of Games Workshop Ltd registered in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Company Information:

Green Ronin Publishing was founded in 2000 by game industry veterans Chris Pramas, Nicole Lindroos, and Hal Mangold. The company has published over 50 books since then, establishing a reputation for innovation and quality that is second to none in the RPG industry. Its award-winning products include Mutants & Masterminds, Book of the Righteous, and Freeport: The City of Adventure. Point your browser to for more info.

Green Ronin Media Contact:
Nicole Lindroos

BL Publishing is the publishing wing of the world famous Games Workshop group of companies. As well as its new Black Industries imprint, the division is also home to the Black Library, which has been producing best-selling and award-winning novels, comics and artbooks set in the worlds of Warhammer since 1997. It also includes the Black Flame fiction imprint for non-Warhammer titles, Warhammer Historical Wargames.

Black Industries Contact:
Simon Butler

About Games Workshop Group PLC
Games Workshop Group PLC, a London Stock Exchange quoted company listed in 1994, has been in business for 28 years. At the core is a niche business – Games Workshop. This business designs, manufactures, distributes and markets tabletop wargames. Its key brands are the high gothic Warhammer Fantasy Battles and darkly futuristic Warhammer 40,000 mass combat systems. Headquartered in Nottingham, the company also has wholly-owned subsidiaries in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Australia & Italy. Products are sold via the company’s own 300+ Hobby centres worldwide and in more than 4,000 independent outlets internationally. In addition, Games Workshop Group PLC has other companies which also design and market niche product which appeal to hobbyists who appreciate fantasy worlds and imagery. These include Sabertooth Games, Inc, Warhammer Online and BL Publishing. Turnover to May 2003 was £129.1m (2002: £108.6m.)

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  1. Please… no d20… please… no d20… please… oh pleasepleaseplease….

  2. Chill, Yo! It’s a revision update of the original, not d20. ‘Aight, dawg?!

  3. Out of curiosity– how can you be sure it’s “just a revision”? They’re calling it 2nd edition, after all.

    If it *does* go d20, it won’t be Warhammer– it’ll be just anohter d20 game, and that would be awful. However, I still have all my Hogshead books, so I’ll be fine…

  4. BL is the publisher who contracted Green Ronin to be WFRP’s game developer. Therefore GR has to do what their client wants.

  5. (breathes sigh of relief)

    Its all good now. I can buy this. Thanks for the info, Dai Oni. I’ve seen (and bought) enough d20 stuff that I’m sick of it.

  6. Look around. There are non-d20 stuff out there. Bug your FLGS folk. Of course, I’d rather be dead than be caught alive with a Storyteller or WEG-d6 game in my hand. Played them long enough to realize they ain’t my thing.

  7. What is going to change?

    MORE SPELLS… YEAH!!!!!!!!



  8. have you changed anything about the spell casters?
    for eksample a BATLEMAGE could get some more S. or WS.

    an Illusionist could might be a litle more calm and have some more CL. and so forth

    the gods and their clerics could need some more power, a story about how the world where created by the GODS!!

  9. the druids should be able to rule a litle bit more over the nature and animals.

    I know an animal companion is very much D.A.D. but it is an good idea

    the druid has so many restrictions that it is impossible to have him in a party.

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