WizKids snafu of the month

They just can’t catch a break, can they? This time, independent retailers are less than thrilled that the new HeroClix starter sets and booster design, set to go on sale two weeks or so from now, went on sale at WalMart yesterday. Alliance Distribution doesn’t even have their allotment yet, so small shops are out in the cold. Um, WizKids? Those small shops do your organized events for you. Just a tip.


  1. Wal*Mart’s the 800 lb. gorilla in retail. They pretty much get whatever the hell they want from their suppliers (Hasbro/WotC included).

    But for the WotC side of things… I hear the retailer reaction to their trade show presentation was less than ideal.

    If I were a retailer – all else being equal – I’d be asking my WotC rep some hard questions about why I should organize play to help Wal*Mart put me out of business…

  2. Maybe Wal-Mart’s well known superior warehousing and distribution system can accept direct delivery as bulk freight and get the product to the stores 2 weeks faster than a distributor relying on a common carrier. This on top of whoever places the largest order has theirs shipped first.

  3. *sigh* I, of course, mean WhizKids instead of WotC up there. Teach me to post when tired.

    Wal*Mart’s “well known superior warehousing…”… No comment. As for the largest order… possibly. When someone bumps my Purchase Order for a bigger one, and it has a negative impact on my business, I generally move my business elsewhere.

  4. I may have been the retailer who tipped OC off on this one. I gotta tell you, selling WK products now a days is hard enough..and this is just “one more thing.” In some ways, I am glad they are selling through the “big box stores.” All reports indicate that they did not discount the items more than three cents. To me, this is a way to get people into the hobby…my beef is choosing to ignore the general release date for the product. They are able to hit release dates for DVDs on a weekly basis…why not for a simple game….unless it was calculated.

    Anywho, sell away, just do it when you are supposed to.

  5. “Breaking the release date” happens all the time for the newest and hottest video games, and even blockbuster new books. Of course, the book and game companies have strict penalties to try to stop stores from putting out (for instance) the next Harry Potter book out early.. but I doubt the same controls are in place with WK’s distributors. I point this out a lot… WK doesn’t sell anything to anyone except distributors, not even stores. Thus, if one wants to blame someone here, it ought to be the idiots at Wal Mart, and/or distributors.

  6. It’s not their fault.

    WalMark weilds a LOT of power, as Brian pointed out.

    After the D&D Miniatures fiasco (local flgs admitted to weighing the boxes to pull all the ones with dragons in them before they hit the shelves), I order all my stuff mail order.


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