Exosuit A-OK joins Deep7’s 1PG line

Actually one of the first 1PG titles written, Deep7‘s latest release, Exosuit A-OK, has only recently been deemed ready for prime time. The downloadable RPG of robot suit anime draws inspiration from all the greats, from Neon Genesis Evangelion to Robotech. For only $3.95, the 13-page RPG gets you started in no time, like the rest of the 1PG line.

Text of Deep7 press release follows:

Deep7 Releases Exosuit A-OK!

Seattle, WA, May 10, 2004 РDeep7 announced the release of Exosuit A-OK, the 1PG of robot suit anim̩ adventure. Drawing on cinematic and television influences such as Bubblegum Crisis, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Appleseed, Mobile Suit Gundam and Robotech, the fourteenth 1PG covers various types of power armor and is compatible with the tactical miniature rules in the 1PG Companion.

Exosuit A-OK contains genre-specific rules for exosuit creation, as well as six ready-to-play scenarios. Like the other 1PG titles, Exosuit A-OK has a five to ten-minute learning curve and is predicated on the concept of the disposable character, with most scenarios running about two hours – like a movie. However, long-term play is still possible by utilizing campaign rules from the 1PG Companion.

“I’m excited to finally have Exosuit see the light of day,” says Todd Downing, Creative Director of Deep7. “It was among the first 1PG titles written, before we even launched the line five years ago, but it really needed the finishing touches of James Stubbs.” Stubbs, Deep7’s 1PG Line Producer, finished off the partial work and added two scenarios of his own. Additional scenarios were contributed by Eddy Webb (Cartoon Action Hour, Omlivex) and Jeff Boman.

Exosuit A-OK is a 13-page pdf priced at $3.95, available for direct download from the secure company store at www.deep7.com.

Deep7, LLC is a Seattle, WA-based publisher of high quality roleplaying games in electronic and printed formats.