Ronin Arts gathers magic in Freeport

The collaboration between rogue samurai is well underway, as Ronin Arts announced its Treasures of Freeport PDF, approved by Green Ronin Publishing. The new Freeport d20 supplement provides 47 pages of what Ronin Arts is known for: over 100 treasures, both magical or otherwise. For a paltry sum of $6.50, Freeport players will be all over this one.

Also fresh off the Ronin server is Forbidden Arcana: Kelust’s Tower, which provides 28 pages of intruction, including a wizard tower. One can never have too many towers, after all.

Text of Ronin Arts press release follows:

Ronin Arts is pleased to announce that the 47-page Treasures of Freeport PDF is now available. This new PDF, approved by Green Ronin Publishing, is perfect for both DMs running Freeport games and DMs in need of new magical and mundane treasures.

Forbidden Arcana: Kelust’s Tower is also now available. This 28-page PDF is the largest in the popular Forbidden Arcana line and features maps by SkeletonKey Games.

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