D&D3.5 ruled ineligible for Origins award, voluntarily withdrawn by WotC

According to a noncommitally titled GAMA press release, AAGAD chair Nicole Lindroos and WotC RPG brand manager Charles Ryan came to the conclusion that D&D3.5 doesn’t fully meet the AAGAD’s requirements for nominees, and Ryan made the decision to pull it. “A second or subsequent edition of a game is eligible to compete in in the Best Roleplaying Game category only if a set percentage of the content is new and the rules are substantially altered in the new form from every previous form. Although substantially altered, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, V3.5 does not contain the set percentage of new material.” The replacement nominee is Z-Man’s Cartoon Action Hour.


  1. If Cthulhu 6.0 gets nominated next year, then Ryan Dancy should kick everyone at Origins in their nutsacks.

    Not that I think it will…

  2. An even more waste of oxygen would be complaining about complaining about a popularity contest.

    I’m not sure from the announcement who initiated the action here, but it gives the awards a tiny bit of integrity to show they follow their own rules.

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