Dying Earth goes PDF

Pelgrane Press has decided to release its Dying Earth RPG in PDF form through RPGnow.com. From the sound of the press release, the main rulebook and other supplements will all see electronic form, and new products will have “a decent interval between print publication and pdf release.” How long will it be before this is the standard practice for all tabletop RPG companies? WotC’s been offering out-of-print products in electronic form for years, and now smaller companies are finding an added source of revenue from electronic re-release.

Text of Pelgrane press release follows:

Pelgrane Press, publishers of the seminal Dying Earth RPG announced today that they will be selling the game and supplements as a PDF exclusively through rpgnow.com. Created by Robin D Laws with John Snead, the Dying Earth RPG is based on the work of master fantasy writer Jack Vance.

Said Colin Beaver “Our sister company ProFantasy Software have had great success with their range of mapping products on rpgnow, so we thought we’d give Pelgrane a chance. In our experience, rpgnow.com does not affect the sales through other channels, so we are hoping to expose the game to a whole new bunch of gamers.”

Pelgrane Press will release all their products through RPGnow.com, with a decent interval between print publication and pdf release. All purchasers receive a discount on the printed version of the Dying Earth RPG.

For more information on The Dying Earth RPG see http://www.dyingearth.com
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