Topps dinged in Europe for ancient price manipulation

A Yahoo Finance story yesterday tells of a “relatively low” fine ($1.94 million) imposed on Topps by the European Commission. According to the story, “The Commission fined the company for an elaborate strategy to prevent imports of the children’s items [Pokémon collectibles] from low-price to high-price countries in 2000 in the European Union, saying it was distorting competition.” Basically, if Charizard stickers were fewer Euros in Portugal, Topps discouraged retailers in Denmark from having them shipped in, artificially stunting the supply. My question: why are we hearing about this now? I want news on the next Yu-Gi-Oh sex scandal, or Cthulhu CCG counterfeiting ring. Pokémon is so end of the twentieth century.

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  1. I hear they are trying to reach a plea bargain and a settlement for 120,000 rare Mewtoo foil cards

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