Dread the PIG release

Politically Incorrect Games is bringing Dread to it’s product line. In case you’re now afraid of what that means, let me clarify: PIG has made an agreement with Malignant Games to bring back Dread: The First Book of Pandemonium under the Active Exploits Diceless Roleplaying system. Do away with your fear, and give Dread a try.

Text of PIG press release follows:

PIG to Publish a New Edition of Dread

Politically Incorrect Games (PIG) is pleased to announce that it has reached
an agreement with Malignant Games to publish a new edition of the critically
acclaimed, gruesome and violent horror game, Dread.

This new version will be released as a setting book for Active Exploits
Diceless Roleplaying and the upcoming Impresa Modular Roleplaying System.
The proprietary mechanics of these systems which lend themselves to the
horror genre, such as dementia, convictions, and character threads, will add
new depth to an already chilling game.

“This will be a blast,” said Rafael Chandler, writer and designer of Dread:
The First Book of Pandemonium. “Active Exploits and Impresa are innovative,
easy-to-learn rules systems. Combine their streamlined conflict resolution
with Dread‘s emphasis on fluid storytelling, and you’ve got hours of dark, gruesome fun.”

“We are very honored to welcome Dread into our catalog,” said PIG’s Director of Gaming Products, Brett Bernstein. “It can easily join the ranks of our
other highly-rated settings… one such example is Dreamwalker. Dread will be part of a new generation of setting books, allowing readers to use it for dice or diceless play.”

Active Exploits is a universal diceless roleplaying system, featuring basic, advanced, and LARP play. Impresa is a modular game system, allowing gamemasters to build custom settings with various rules options to fit their needs. Both systems are cross-compatible with each other. Impresa is
currently in development, but will be available by the time Dread is

Politically Incorrect Games is a publisher of both quality PDF and printed
roleplaying game products, including Two-Fisted Tales, Unbidden, Disposable
Heroes Paper Miniatures
, and Rune Stryders. For more information, contact Politically Incorrect Games at info@pigames.net or visit their web site at http://www.pigames.net.

Malignant Games is the imprint of video game designer, Rafael Chandler and
has proven that independent game designers continue to do the roleplaying
game industry a much needed service by producing unique and well-written