GQ magazine goes online, no, not that one, the other one

Hey, someone else is stepping up to the money pit: Games Quarterly magazine has its first issue on shelves, and is making most of its contents available online as well on its newly launched website. There’s a board gaming focus, with some RPG and CCG articles as well. Maybe this will make up for the shrinking focus of Dragon and Dungeon.


  1. From what I’ve seen, the mag’s mostly written by game companies. Doesn’t lend much credibility or confidence when I see that.

  2. I’m starting to think that we all need to get over that. I mean, first of all, nearly every gamer with A) the skills to write, and B) the skills to write _for a magazine_ (i.e. keep the voice professional, meet deadlines, etc.) is also a gamer who works for a game company of some kind. Second, either the writing’s good and tells you something you wanted to know, or it’s not. It needs to be judged on its merits, not on its byline. That said, however, some of the best and least commercially-conflicted writing about games these days is going on in Undefeated, the audience for which, I hope, continues to grow.

  3. Actually, a friend of mine that knows game distributors tells me that Undefeated is not selling much at all these days…

  4. I’ve got a friend in distribution as well, and I’ve heard the same thing ’bout Undefeated. Not many ads in the mag, either, which isn’t a good sign for it’s future.

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