One gamer’s luck at KublaCon ’04

While most KublaCon 2004 attendees are probably thinking back on this year’s show fondly, Merwin ran into a few difficulties. Well, several, actually. Read how even a good con can be painful with a run of bad luck, in Merwin’s Convention Report: KublaCon 2004. Despite how it sounds, he did manage to enjoy himself once or twice during the convention. But the Force certainly wasn’t with him.

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  1. Oh man it seems as if the Con Gods where not looking out for you. Sacrifiice a Mountian Dew wtih Twinkie to ward off bad luck.

    It could have been worst flat tires dead batteries GM who do not show up for their games,
    an indifferant con staff.

    Do not get me going

    Tim Riley
    Marketing Manager
    Silven Crossroads

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