Greg Costikyan on Origins 04

The Paranoia XP creator delivers an incisive travelogue/rant about Origins 2004 on his weblog. The awards ceremony definitely had problems (although the Hall of Fame parade actually preceded the asinine LukeSki, contrary to Greg’s recounting) – for instance, when you tell the crowd to hold their applause between nominees and the winners to please keep it brief, you’d do well to shave a sentence or two off of the four-sentence bios you’re reading off for each of 50 or so Hall-of-Famers. And to axe the musical guest. To do otherwise smacks of a certain disrespect of the currently-working professionals who are your bread and butter, even if it is to benefit and promote a spectacular and honorable history. But I digress, and Costikyan’s complaints and suggestions are probably more salient than mine.


  1. Taken from Costikyan’s rant:

    “Where’s Al Qaeda when you need them? The Columbus Convention Center, let me tell you, it needs a coupla hundred pounds of gelignite just about now, praise Allah.”

    I don’t even now where to begin. What an asinine, dim-witted thing to say. You can argue the semantics of “satire” all you want, but it still doesn’t hide the fact that this is in poor taste. Why not hope for Al Qaeda to capture some Origins officials and cut their heads off, Costikyan?


  2. poor taste indeed – and I celebrate every day that I live in a society where I’m allowed to express any viewpoint, regardless of its taste.

  3. >

    I agree 100%. I just thought the comment was stupid and thoughtless, is all. Fortunately, people are free to express those viewpoints as well 🙂

  4. Meh. I completely tuned out and diiscounted when I read “Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed. I stay away for nearly twenty years, and nothing changes. Fucking Christ almighty, give me strength”

    I’m lost as to why he’d need the strength. He’s self-admittedly been away for 20 years, hasn’t been involved, and bemoans it’s lack of change. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for people who have nothing but complaints. And that’s pretty muchh how I took his post – grumbly, grumbly, grumbly.

    Well, I suppose it’s his rant and his blog.

  5. c’mon guys, Costikyan has such a snarky, sarcastic sense of humor, it’s like getting offended at the humor of Don Rickles.

    Costikyan is actually a New Yorker, and from what I understand was near the WTC on 9/11 and was deeply affected by what happened.

    I love America, free speech and all.


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