Greg Costikyan on Origins 04

June 28th, 2004: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Greg Costikyan on Origins 04

The Paranoia XP creator delivers an incisive travelogue/rant about Origins 2004 on his weblog. The awards ceremony definitely had problems (although the Hall of Fame parade actually preceded the asinine LukeSki, contrary to Greg’s recounting) – for instance, when you tell the crowd to hold their applause between nominees and the winners to please keep it brief, you’d do well to shave a sentence or two off of the four-sentence bios you’re reading off for each of 50 or so Hall-of-Famers. And to axe the musical guest. To do otherwise smacks of a certain disrespect of the currently-working professionals who are your bread and butter, even if it is to benefit and promote a spectacular and honorable history. But I digress, and Costikyan’s complaints and suggestions are probably more salient than mine.


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