Origins 2004: playing catch-up till the day I die

Steve Jackson Games and Atlas were sharing a booth, and SJG was making noise about GURPS Fourth Edition, hitting at or near Gen Con. GURPS Dragons, new at the show, featured conversion rules for 4th Ed., billed as a sneak preview. Also new at the show was Transhuman Space: Toxic Memes, a book all about information and info warfare. Soon will come the day when a sci-fi setting in any medium won’t be able to get away with not having this kind of material. Finally there was the first sight (my first sight, anyway) of Chez Goth, which is, blessedly, exactly what you expect.

What did Atlas have, you ask? The only thing that caught my eye was the much more detailed look at Beer Money, much of which came from T-shirt vendors and such at other booths. That kid’s having an interesting life, isn’t she.

Also in the booth was a flyer for Pegasus Press’ upcoming Cthulhu material. Worlds of Cthulhu will be a twice-yearly journal that’ll follow in the footsteps of The Unspeakable Oath, even featuring a column from Pagan’s Scott Glancy; first issue hits at Gen Con.