Aberrations details surfacing from the depths

My gaming group knows the pain of facing hordes of scaled races – lizardfolk, yuan-ti, draconians, and the like – in our D&D campaign. It would seem the next D&D Miniatures expansion, Aberrations, will bolster the ranks of my reptilian army.

Coming in both starters ($19.99) and boosters ($12.99), Aberrations will update the game a bit. Starters will have a revised rulebook, a new battlemat and terrain tiles, 12 figures, and all the other goodies needed for skirmish warfare. Boosters will have eight figures, and draw on recent D&D products, like Complete Divine, Monster Manual III, and Serpent Kingdoms – which brings us back to reptile reinforcements. According to this preview of the box art, the set will apparently have Yuan-Ti Abominations, a Large Green Dragon, Sahuagin, and Chuul (which are more like lobster-men, but I’ll take ’em). While I’ve been hearing the set is due to release in September, the new interview of the miniatures team says October. I can wait that long, I suppose.


  1. Nifty. I’ve bought into 3 of the new Giant series, and actually, it’s a hoot. I’ve gotten a wide range of minis for a generic D&D type game (which I’m going to be starting come the weekend), and a good number of ones I’d have never gotten as a mini before (and doubly never painted). Like an otyugh. The huge creatures. thus far, have been rewarding: a behir, fiendish t-rex and a cloud giant.

    Seeing the next set carry scaled races – yea, that’ll make my buy list a few times.

    Overall, I’m still so-so on the random nature. On the other hand, I’ve definitely gotten a wider range of useful minis than if I had picked them myself.

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