Because Knizia needs more money

As evidenced by Origins, it looks like more and more American board game companies are reprinting older classic German games. I picked up the Modern Art reprint from Mayfair, which does come in a smaller box but didn’t make the actual art any more modern.

Face 2 Face is already hard at work reprinting Sid Sackson’s library, starting with the brutal negotiation game I’m the Boss! which I had been trying to get my hands on for a while. F2F also has plans to reprint Royal Turf, but with real race horse names in an attempt to ride Seabiscuit’s recent rise to fame. (No word if there will be special ridden-by-Spiderman rules.) There’s also talk of reprinting Ra, which right now is only available if you have the wealth of the pharaohs and watch Ebay constantly. Uberplay has done a few really good reprints already, like High Society and Hoity Toity, but the word is that those games aren’t doing very well for them.

Hopefully the trend will continue. Maybe reprint Hoax next? Or make Can’t Stop look like a wacky party game again?