True Dungeon sells out for Gen Con Indy

The word is out, and as a result, True Dungeon sessions at Gen Con Indy next month have already sold out. Over 1,500 event tickets have been snatched up for the walk-through dungeon adventure game, at nearly $20 each. If the True Heroes sessions, themed around superheroes and backed by Upper Deck Entertainment, sell remotely as well, I’m sure we’ll be seeing True Adventures Ltd. running these events for years to come.

Text of True Adventures Ltd. press release follows:

JULY 13 2004, Carbondale IL

True Adventures Ltd., producer of True DungeonT
– the smash-hit event of last year’s Gen Con Indy 2003,
is pleased to announce that this year’s True DungeonT event
has already sold out during pre-registration.

All 1,503 event tickets for the live-action
gaming event have been gobbled up by hungry
gamers who want to see what the buzz has been
about. At $19.50 a ticket – this is no small
feat for a two-hour event.

“All the staff and volunteers at True Adventures,
Ltd. are very proud that all our hard work last
year as led to this. We look forward to exceeding
everyone’s expectations this year – both with our
True DungeonT and our True HerosT events,” noted
True Adventures, Ltd. CEO Jeff Martin.

Peter Adkison, CEO of Gen Con, LLC commented, “In
my opinion, True Dungeon was the coolest thing
that happened in gaming last year. We’re delighted
to bring it back to Gen Con Indy and Gen Con So Cal,
this year with a license for Dungeons & Dragons. But
that’s not all! Thanks to Upper Deck Entertainment,
we’re also rolling out True Heroes, a similar,
fully immersive adventure, but with a super heroes
theme. If you liked True Dungeon, you gotta try
True Heroes.”

Some tickets remain available for True HeroesT
on-site at Gen Con Indy on August 19th-22nd.
The price is $19.50, and more information is
available at