Then again, it works for Games Workshop

Open letter to whoever’s in charge of the D&D Miniatures web presence: uh, it might be kinda good to have a PDF of the Quick Start rules booklet from the Entry Pack up there? You know, seeing as how the Entry Pack is now out of print, and the next packs that are going to have the rules in them have yet to be printed. Right now, the only way for a prospective new player to obtain the game’s rules is to buy the hardback Miniatures Handbook for $30. This is what some might consider a disincentive. Just a thought.


  1. How many people actually _play_ D&D Miniatures? I’ll be 99% of purchases of the sets were for 3.5 ed D&D games, which pretty much require the use of proper-sized based miniatures. If I want a fantasy-themed miniature game, there are plenty out there (Warhammer Fantasy, “Mage Knight”).

  2. Half the people at my store buy the minis to use exclusively for role-playing sessions, while the other half buy it with the intention of playing the game AND using them for rp-ing. Kids have been expressing a bunch of interest, but are immediately turned off by the fact that they have no “starter set.” I have been teaching a bunch of my “Mage Knight” kids how to play the game, because they have been looking to try something else. For some reason, it seems that “MK: Dark Riders” turned a bunch f them off the game. I have a feeling it is the price point, and the lack of anything truly new to hit the game system for a while. Warhammer is just too darn complicated and expensive to steer a 8-10 year old to. D&D Minis are nice intermediate rules system, the pre-paints are getting better, and the price point is reasonable. The parents also like the fact that learning the minis game is a step towards moving them towards D&D….

  3. Good news. Wizards contacted retailers and let us know that they know they need to post rules in some form or another, so they are going to do it. It sounds like they are doing it soon, and in the form of a PDF. I am uncertain if they will do it on their main website, or make it limited availble through the retailer channel only. None the less, we can print out a stack, and give them out on to whoever wants one. Was this OC’s doing? If so…the Ogre sure has some long reach….

  4. My guess is they were aware of the problem. But if we nudged them to be more communicative about it, that’s cool. (Hey, people at Wizards! Hello! Is it raining there?)

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