Live at Gen Con ’04: Prowling for promo minis

The WotC booth is nearly set up now, with mostly chairs and product displays to piece together, and a guy fiddling with a mixing board to get the booth’s music just right. Over next to a large robot-like statue (10’+ tall), a few sealed boxes caught my eye. Apparently containing D&D Miniatures Game promo figures, half said “Rhek” and the other half said “Half-Illithid Lizardfolk.” A source said these were from the upcoming Aberrations expansion set. They must be mine.

EDIT: Got ’em. The Half-Illithid Lizardfolk is a 13 point LE figure, Level 3, with everything similar to a standard Lizardfolk except for his Mind Blast special ability, that does a cone Stun attack at DC 15, and Spell Resistance. The Rhek is a 22 point LG figure, Level 5, slow but durable at 4 Speed, 23 AC and 40 HP. The Rhek also has Powerful Charge, Resounding Blow, and a two-use Smite Chaos + 5.


  1. Amusingly, my partner misread the heading as “Prowling for Porno Movies.” But it is late and she is tired.

  2. Woooo, I got a surprise GenCon badge for an early birthday present! I’ll probably bump shoulders with the Cavedwellers at some point over the weekend. Neat!

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