Live at Gen Con ’04: OgreCave T-shirt Throwdown

So, it all started at last year’s Gen Con Indy when both Steve and I, through random acts of fate and generous game companies, both ended up with six free t-shirts apiece. At Gen Con SoCal a few months later, we both actively tried to outdo each other in t-shirt accumulation, but despite our best efforts, we tied again at four shirts apiece. At the GAMA Trade Show, we tied once more at three free shirts each. This Gen Con, right here, right now, the tie will be broken and a winner will be decided. Oh yeah, it’s on, buddy. You’re going down.

The rules are simple: acquire as many different shirts for free as possible. They don’t have to fit, ‘cuz if that were a requirement, Steve, being a more “normal” size, would have a huge advantage. However, buying the t-shirt doesn’t count, nor does buying a product to get the t-shirt, but doing a demo for the shirt is fine. And it has to be different shirts, man. None of this shmoozing your pals at Social Games for six Cyberpunk CCG shirts, Steve.

Crowds were drawn in to certain booths by the lure of apparel swag this year, and we were no exception. Both of us snagged DC Versus CCG shirts as we passed by Upper Deck‘s booth, and a coupon book in the Gen Con show bags led me to the Rackham booth for shirt #2. I ended up at the Upper Deck booth again later for a meeting, and the folks there hooked me up with the Marvel Versus shirt. An undefeated Gen Con air hockey champion who shall remain nameless (thanks, Jenny!) brought my total to five, giving me a healthy lead. Not entirely unexpectedly, the D&D Block Party also gave out t-shirts for D&D’s 30th anniversary (and bags, and posters, and beer cups, and food), which Steve got as well.

Current standings: six shirts for me, two for loser-boy. You’re crashing and burning, dude. Better pick up the pace and shmooze like never before. Or give up. That works for me too.