Live at Gen Con ’04: OgreCave T-shirt Throwdown – Part Deux

Okay, it’s been a rough day but I’m starting to make up some ground on that punk with six t-shirts. Today’s count: four for me, six for for the guy who is soon to be humiliated on his own website.

I, like Allan, picked up a shirt from the Rackham booth. Here’s the twist: I was told that the artist, who painted the design, was going to be there. I waited, and after a bit, a grey haired gentleman sat in the booth. I asked him to sign my shirt and he cheerfully obliged. I looked down at the name, quickly glanced at his nametag and suddenly realized who he was.

“You’re Paolo Parente???” I exclaimed.

He seemed a little surprised that I knew who he was. He was even more surprised when I dragged out my beat up Cyberpunk 2020 and put it down in front of him and humbly asked him to sign it too. “This manual…It’s very old,” he said.

He signed the page with the Techie. My trashed Cyberpunk 2020 has now been signed by both the elusive author Mike Pondsmith and the artist Paolo Parente. What are the odds of that happening these days? I can’t imagine.

Having Paolo Parente sign my shirt does nothing towards the overall score – though it gives me some Style Points. Unfortunately, this contest will not be won on Style Points. I still need two shirts to tie or three to pull ahead. I think I have a plan. Tomorrow’s another day. If all goes well, I’ll drop Allan like third period French. Ya hear that buddy? I’m gonna flatten you!