Gen Con Indy ’04 Wrap-up: Sails ahoy!

No really, there was a giant mast, 20 feet high, at the front corner of the WizKids booth. As Mike just reported, WizKids will bring an expansion to Pirates of the Spanish Main out in March. However, I’ve got slightly more info to report than the public press release has revealed. Like the tentative name, for instance.

Currently labeled Pirates of the Crimson Coast, the expansion will be presented with more graphic rules (as in, with pictures, not ships awash with blood). More importantly, the expansion will have a new faction to take on the Spanish, English and Pirate factions with.

By the way, we shouldn’t have to wait long for the second printing of the first set. The new print run is being shipped by air, speeding its way to your local hobby store. So hang in there, guys. You won’t be waiting long.


  1. I heard WizKids was selling Pirates at $5 a pack, 25% higher than the retail price. Can anyone confirm that?

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