Early TSR artist ill, auctioning game collection

Many in the industry have been saddened to learn that David C. Sutherland III, one of the first well-known TSR artists, has a terminal illness. An auction of Sutherland’s gaming collection is currently being held on Ebay to help pay for his medical bills and supplement his estate for his remaining family. From the original Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide to the incredible castle map in the original Ravenloft module, and a fair amount of game development besides, many gamers are sure to be familiar and fond of Sutherland’s works. Have a look at the auction and see some of the gaming treasures you have a chance to bid on, and help the Sutherland family out at the same time.


  1. Well, I don’t think I recall being sadder in a while than reading this, going to the auction and seeing the man’s collection of TSR private items and collectables being auctioned off.

    Just breaks my heart. I hope at least there’s plenty of willing gamers to give ’em new homes, and provide some financial relief to Mr. Sutherland and his family.

    I’d seen it before, but thanks for spotlighting this.

  2. Thankfully, by holding these auctions beofre he passes away, he will get to see his things get into the hands of people who will really cherish them…

  3. and while i ponder which to bid on to assist, let’s also remember other artists which helped us start our gaming addiction. EGG helped with the rules but DCS III, erol otus and others helped with the vision we had of d&d. other than the auction, does anyone know of another route to help defray the medical costs?

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