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We’ve received word from Paul J. Stormberg, the fellow who is helping to run the Ebay auctions for ailing former TSR artist David Sutherland. In addition to the auctions, a PayPal account has been established to allow Sutherland’s family to receive donations from his many fans (click “Read more” for the details). If even one RPG cover or module map by Sutherland has inspired your game sessions, consider offering your thanks for all the great adventure by bidding or donating.

Email from Paul J. Stormberg:

David C. Sutherland III Charitable Donation Fund

Howdy Folks,

David’s sister and I, with David’s blessing, have been auctioning selected parts of his collection on Ebay. Many individuals have expressed sadness that David is selling these things and the state of his health. The auction link is:

Well, David gave this collection to his sister Trudy and his mom. Their instructions from David was to give the collection to his daughters. Whatever they didn’t want they were supposed to auction off on Ebay and put in a fund for his daughters. David wanted this stuff to end up in the hands of someone who would appreciate it. His daughters had already selected what they wanted to keep and David still has a collection of “memories” that he holds on to. The things for auction are for those who appreciate them. David will be happy that the winners of the auction get joy from the items they win. To this end David has signed over 100 Letters of Authentication and over two dozen prints.

David is also in poor health and is terminal, save some dramatic change which we all pray and hope for. The details of his illness are private. Currently, he is surrounded by many good hearted people that care for him, bring him meals, and keep him company. Still, his health care will no doubt incur expenses over the next year or more.

A number of people have emailed or posted to the internet, among well wishes for David, a desire to contribute to a fund in addition to or in lieu of the auction. After talking to David’s sister Trudy ( we decided to link a PayPal account to the savings account where the proceeds from the sale of David’s collection will be deposited. The savings account is earmarked for David’s estate and will take care of health expenses incurred. The remainder will go to his two daughters.

David has not been able to work for over a year. He really doesn’t know how much of an impact he has had on all of us but he is starting to see it. I have forwarded well wishes to him from emails and posts on various forums. In particular, the amount of interest and prices for his artwork affirm his importance to us as an artist.

Case in point, in 1999 the original artwork for the Monster Manual cover done by David went for $4,500. The original DMG cover sold for over $6,000! His ink illustration The Paladin in Hell sold recently for nearly $1,200. I can’t think of any other role playing game artist who’s pieces have fetched nearly as much.

So, if you want one of the items in David’s collection, bid vigorously, he wants you to have it and take joy in it. If you are not bidding or are out of contention for an item and want to contribute, PayPal transfers may be made to David’s older sister Trudy at (a PayPal Personal account, no credit cards). If you would like to send a contribution by mail please email Trudy at for her address.

The most important contribution is, of course, your sentiments to David. Whether you bid or not, drop a note to Trudy at and she will print it and mail it on to David. All correspondence regarding David will be forwarded to him. Much has already been sent and more will be.

Futures Bright,

Paul J. Stormberg

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