HeroScape: you can also hit burglars on the head with the loaded box

I’ve been wondering when this year’s successor to Epic Duels and BattleBall – that is, this year’s cheap, silly WotC game with a Milton Bradley logo on it instead – would come out. Turns out it came out in June and I just missed it. Oh, and it’s $50.

Heroscape looks to be a simple, flexible combat game, without any of the cool little gameplay uniquenesses that made BattleBall so appealing… but I guess Epic Duels was that way too… but Epic Duels was cheap. On the other hand, a lot of gamers will buy Heroscape just for the massive collection of plastic hexes. Even just one of these boxes will do you pretty well for Classic BattleTech; two of them and you’re stylin’ like the Dwarven Forge booth at Origins, for just a C-note. If I had other uses for the terrain I would totally jump on this, and the gameplay does seem to have its fans, but I’m not comfortable calling this a real successor to Epic Duels at this price point. When it comes to MB games, I want the game to be worth the dough, and the lavish bits to be all gravy. I guess I want too much. I will probably wear down and buy this eventually unless someone warns me off (hint).


  1. Sold several copies at our store already….
    I am unhappy with the price point as compared to the quality of “stuff that’s in the box.” But If I get a chance to play it, I will drop some notes…

  2. The game actually came out in wide release in late August. The game is very good value for the $ with roughly 20 minis and associated terrain. The price is about $40( Walmart ). I have not seen it sold for $50. I highly recommend checking it out and playing it.

  3. If you want to see it sold for $50, go to an actual game store – they can typically only get it by paying inflated prices at distribution, or by trucking down to Walmart and buying it there.

  4. Misuba got it in one….Selling it at $50 means we are making about a 25% margin on it, but in interest of supporting people who are interested in this type of game, we are giving it the shelf space.

  5. The game is quite good actually, and the community has been making scenarios for it like crazy – deathracing, capture the flag, you name it. It’s not so much a game, as a game toolkit. One guy even did a very slick flash based scenario map generator.

    Don’t sell it short until you’ve had a chance to play it a few times. As for value – the minis kick the CR@P out of DnD minis in terms of sculp and paint – and you get a ton of them – 30, not 20, including an awesome dragon that would slot into any RPG campaign with a little extra work on the basing.

    The communit hotbed appears to be http://www.heroscape.net.

    Oh, and BTW, the pieces in the box EXACTLY make an original OGRE board.

  6. october 10-16 toys r us is running a buy 1 get 1 free promo on all board games by the big 3(mb, parker bros, hasbro). pick up 2 hero scapes for just $40. great deals.

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