GAMA names new Executive Director

In a quiet announcement that apparently wasn’t sent to its news announcement list, GAMA promoted Anthony Gallela to the position of Executive Director. Gallela served as GAMA Operations Director and GAMA Event Manager previously, and co-owns one of the biggest game conventions out in my neck of the woods, Kubla Con. So, I’ll voice what everyone’s thinking: Congratulations. Now, fix GAMA, and be quick about it. No pressure.


  1. Eh… does anyone really care anymore? At this point its like hiring a small Dutch boy to put his finger in the hole ripped in the side of the Titanic… its a step but the problems run far deeper than a single individual is going to be able to address.

  2. I think the only thing I find curious, is why does anyone care in the first place? GAMA is an industry organization, theoretically put in place to service the industry. Yet, all their dirty laundry is aired in public, and hotly followed by consumers. I haven’t really looked, but are their hoards of people who are Refried Bean Fanboys who gossip about the Legumes Industry organization?
    I really think that GAMA might do a whole lot better for the Gaming Industry if they spent more time working on their core competency than trying to play Machiavelli with the consumers….

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