Episode III poster sighted, trailer looms closer

For those who haven’t lost faith in George Lucas and the Star Wars prequel movies yet, there’s news that broke just before the weekend while I was buried in a deadline. The Episode III teaser poster is available, to view or purchase, and it tries real hard to be ominous. I’ll reserve judgement until The Incredibles comes out this weekend, which will supposedly have the Episode III preview trailer attached. But after the lame execution on the “love story” plotline in Episode II, I’m not getting my hopes up. “Ooo, Anakin. When you slaughtered those sandpeople and whined about Obi Wan, you got me so hot…”


  1. Without trying to start the inevitable flame war, THIS is what Lucas had planned all along? What a load or rubbish! I’ve seen FANFICS better written than the shooting script of the last two “films.” Lets face it, folks, Lucas has completely lost it – time for him to give it over to someone else who will treat the property with a bit more respect to the intelligence of its fans… and thats assuming that anything can really be salvaged at this point.

  2. Fool me once shame on him. Fool me twice shame on me. Three times shame on the investors for not shutting it down. The last two were horrible, no plots to speak of and wooden performances.

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