Aethereal FORGE Powers up

The folks at aethereal FORGE have released the Power Grrrl Worldbook, which seems like the perfect game to simulate my daughter’s current fave show, Totally Spies. Besides, any game with “Grrrl” in it has got to be worth a look.

aethereal FORGE press release follows:
Go, Go Power Grrrl!
Power Grrrl Worldbook Released

Power Grrrl is the first Worldbook for the free POW! Gaming system, a quick and easy role-playing game engine from aethereal FORGE, the creators of the award-winning Ninja Burger setting. Set in the near future world of the Power Grrrl cartoon, this Worldbook allows players to easily create superheroes and superheroines on the fly so they can battle villainous adults like the insidious Madame Maple and her Canadian cronies.

POW and Power Grrrl are designed to be fast, furious and fun, whether you’re playing a one-off or settling in for a longer campaign. Fans of 80s super hero cartoons and anime will feel right at home in this Worldbook, which takes a tongue-in-cheek look at those and other cliches.

POW! is a free download. POW! and Power Grrrl are available as PDF downloads on RPGNow.