If Cthulhu were on Park Place, would he pay rent?

The website doesn’t reveal much, but the idea’s intriguing: Necronomonopoly. Yep, it appears to be a twist on the family game of real estate hoarding, with the goal of grabbing land being overshadowed by the goal of staying sane. For $10, you can download the satirical horror boardgame and get a look at components the website doesn’t show… like the game board, or a sample card, or something. C’mon, give us a taste. [EDIT: Oops. The tastes are there, I just missed ’em.]

Wicked-Dead press release follows:
Necronomonopoly Now Available!

Necronomonopoly is a satirical game about land-grabbing the Cthulhu Mythos. Players move around the board, collecting properties and artifacts – all that their Sanity can handle. At the same time playes must dodge Monsters and Great Old Ones. Players move clockwise and Monsters move counterclockwise, knocking the marbles out of the players’ heads.

As soon as a player loses all his Sanity, he goes insane and becomes a Cultist, moving counter-clockwise like a Monster, robbing the other players of their Sanity. The object? Be the last sane player in the game!

Necronomonoply comes with a four-piece board and the Mythos Deck. Some assembly required. Players must supply their own money and tokens.

Order yours at the Wicked-Dead Brewing Company!

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  1. Sigh. I would give anything to be able to sell this game in my store…

    I sure hope they have some kind of permission from Hasbro on this one, because they are SERIOUSLY protective of the whole “opoly” concept. Lot’s of people have received some pretty long letters from Lawyers in the past.

  2. Yeah its pretty ironic that a game company who’s business is fun is constantly trying to stomp out other peoples version of fun.

  3. Their lawyers would tell you that copyright law ties their hands – if they don’t protect their copyright, they will lose it. This tells us more about the current hypertrophied state of copyright law than it does anything else, however.

  4. The article says, “…and get a look at components the website doesn’t show… like the game board, or a sample card, or something. C’mon, give us a taste.”

    If you click on the links in the description, pieces of sample art appear in the pull-out box on the page. There’s also at least one sample card and two snippets of the board.

  5. I saw the sample art pop ups, and clicked on three or four, but missed the board and cards. Thanks for pointing ’em out. Looks like the game is in black & white only, has the usual Lovecraftian locations (Whatley Farmhouse, Arkham Asylum for the “jail” space, etc). Rent for properties is charged in Sanity points, and there are spell cards that can target other players. Interesting twists on the “-opoly” style game.

  6. Hi everybody.

    If you’d like to carry this game in your story, please contact me at “john@wicked-dead.com.”

    The print version will be available later this month. (We’re printing them as fast as we can. We do everything by hand at the Brewery. It’s what gives our games that distinctive taste.)

    Also, for concerns regarding legal problems, please consult the following links:

    http://www.tdcgames.com/MYO.htm, and

    Thanks for your curiosity and support,

    John W.
    Co-Owner, The Wicked Dead Brewing Company
    “Canning the Best Games We Can!”

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