Blue Rose Fast Play rules available

Green Ronin has put together a free download of the new Fast Play rules for the Blue Rose RPG. For some reason, mention of flowers and Fast Play makes me think of a gamebook with scratch-and-sniff entries throughout. Sorry, don’t mind me.

Green Ronin’s Blue Rose RPG: Fast Play rules available

Green Ronin Publishing is pleased to announce the free release of the Fast
Play rules for their upcoming Blue Rose roleplaying game. This abbreviated
version of Blue Rose gives you a quick look at the World of Aldea, a
breakdown of the rules, a complete introductory adventure, and four
ready-to-go characters fantasy roleplaying game.

The 4.3 megabite PDF is available for download at:

Green Ronin Publishing
Seattle, Washington

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  1. HEY!!! Theres NOTHING wrong with a little scratch and sniff!!! (It just depends on what’s scratched)


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