Gen Con SoCal ‘04: Is That…New?

Honestly, I didn’t think that there was going to be anything new released at Gen Con SoCal. My editor thought likewise. So, imagine my surprise when lo and behold – there was a new product blinking at the light of day.

Darkharbor Games is a new company with a brand new game. It’s so new that it isn’t even available at their online store!

The game is a generic roleplaying system called Infinite Legends and it was released today. According to Jason Broadley, one of the authors, the character generation is point based and it uses d10’s to resolve skills and combat. The manual looked fairly straightforward and quite comprehensive. The layout was pretty good considering the amount of information they’ve crammed into it, and the illustrations were few, but nice. All in all, Infinite Legends looked good for the $20 cover price.

Darkharbor has quite a few support products planned. Runeworld, a fantasy setting, is due out in the Summer of 2005. Terrabellum, a near future, contemporary war setting is due out in the Fall of 2005, and Empire of Man, a futuristic setting is due out in the Winter of 2005.

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  1. I just wanted to let your readers know that the book is now available on our online store for anyone who is interested. Just click on the link in the story above and click on “Online Store”.

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