Gen Con SoCal ’04: Day 2 – Dead Gentlemen

I suppose it’s possible that there are a few gamers, out there, that haven’t heard of The Gamers, a movie by Dead Gentlemen Productions. If you haven’t seen, or heard of, The Gamers or Dead Gentlemen there’s still time for you to catch up check out the trailer here (QuickTime required).

Yeah, it’s pretty funny stuff. But wait, there’s more! Dead Gentlemen are in full preproduction on the sequel to The Gamers, entitled The Gamers: Second Edition, Dorkness Rising. They were on hand at Gen Con SoCal to show the trailer/teaser to Dorkness Rising. Words fail me.

Shooting starts in January.

While the characters and fantasy genre will be similar, there will be some changes. Since this is “Second Edition,” there will be some rules changes as well as the introduction of “house rules”. There will also be a female gamer and Dead Gentlemen will be exploiting all the stereotypes.

For more information and a list of the cast check out the news on Dead Gentlemen.


  1. No – hang on just a little bit longer… for Gamers 3.5!

    – and if you can’t wait check out the old guys. 😀

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