Multi-eyed orb lurks at Gen Con SoCal

Apparently, one of the trophies at Gen Con SoCal’s Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures tournament had a sneak preview figure from March’s Deathknell set built right into it. Which one? Why, the Beholder, of course. The winner of the tournament has already posted the stats over at the WotC boards, and I’ve copied them below for your reading pleasure. Take note of the Slide creature ray (an adaptation of the beast’s Telekinisis), undoubtedly destined make a splash at parties and miniatures tournments.

Excerpts of post from WotC message board

Beholder (Large LE aberration)
Cost: 83
Level/Save: 11
Speed: F2
AC: 22
HP: 95

AntiMagic Ray: any enemy within LOS of Beholder that tries to cast a spell rolls a d20 and fails on an 11+.

Dual Activation

Eye Ray (rolls a d20, can use the corresponding ability or any ability needing a lower roll, chooses target after rolling).

  • 1-4: Slide creature up to 3 spaces, DC 17 (allies can voluntarily fail).
  • 5-8: 20 Negative dmg, DC 17
  • 9-12: Target gains Slow Attack ability: Creature cannot move and attack in the same turn, and cannot attack more than once in a turn. DC 17
  • 13-15: Fear: Morale Save
  • 16-18: Flesh to Stone (living creatures). DC 17
  • 19-20: Disintegrate: 60 dmg, DC 17