Rio Grande Begins the New Year

Rio Grande Games has just posted their first newsletter of 2005. Rather surprisingly, yet another Carcassonne expansion is on the way, this time with a fantasy theme. Carcassonne: The Princess and the Dragon is due out in March. I don’t know about anyone else, but even though this is one of my favorite German-style games, the expansions and variants seem to be coming out faster than I can afford to buy them all! Hmmm.

Endless franchises aside, several other titles have been announced: Around the World in 80 Days, a race board game inspired by Jules Verne; Louis XIV, a game of intrigue in the royal court; Tower of Babel, a Reiner Knizia design involving the construction of the wonders of the world; and Gone Fishing, a two-player affair in which one person controls two fisherman and the other controls a fish population. It’s good to see we’re starting another year with quite a bit of variety!