Duel Masters Trade Day: Beefy card swapping

The latest promo event announced for the Duel Masters TCG, the game with some of the most entertaining (and longest) expansion set titles, is the Duel Masters Trade Day on March 5th. Yes, this means Duel Masters fans will gather at participating stores to swap cards, and undoubtedly engage in some card slinging. Yes, the 15 exclusive cards that will be found in McDonald’s Happy Meals are sure to be exchanged numerous times, as the Trade Day seems designed to draw attention to them. No, you can’t have fries with that, as the Trade Day is taking place at game stores, not the restaurant chain. That would’ve been quite a promo event, though rather greasy.

Wizards of the Coast press release follows:


WHAT: Duel Masters Trade Day invites kids to their local gaming shops to trade and play with their new cards from the Duel Masters McDonald’s® Happy Meal promotion that is underway this February.

WHY: Trade Day is designed to provide an opportunity for Duel Masters players to swap and collect their Duel Masters cards including the 15 exclusive cards in the McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion. Five of the cards are brand new and only available at McDonald’s or by trading at the special Trade Day events. With every Happy Meal, kids will receive three of the exclusive cards that are sure to add power to their decks.

WHEN: Duel Masters Trade Day is Saturday, March 5th, 2005.  One day only.

WHERE: Wizards of the Coast is reaching out to 600 hobby and gaming stores across North America. Participating stores can be found online at http://www.duelmasters.com/md.  The list will be updated daily.
Any store is free to participate. Retailers should send contact information to tradeday@wizards.com.

HOW: Trade Day kits, including instructions on how to host the event, promotional materials and player giveaways will be mailed out to each participating store. Contents include:

  • 1 free JDC kit to promote game play
  • 10 posters advertising the event
  • 1 welcome and instruction letter
  • 30 player give-aways

Players give-aways include (while supplies last):

  • 1 Duel Masters Folder
  • 1 Garkago Dragon 3-D Model
  • 1 Newsletter
  • 2 Sticker sheets
  • 1 Deck Checklist including cards from the McDonald’s Happy Meal promotion as well as every Duel Masters release up to Survivors of the Megapocalypse, which released in January
  • 1 application to the DMAX Club, Duel Masters’ club for players

WHO: For more information on Duel Masters Trade Day, contact Carrie Kocik at 617-367-6655 or email ckocik@tomasettipr.com


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