AEG loses Stargate license

February 17th, 2005: Allan Sugarbaker says...
AEG loses Stargate license

In a forum post on the Alderac boards, Stargate SG-1 RPG Brand Manager Rob Vaux announced that AEG will no longer be publishing Stargate products. According to Vaux, negotiations with Sony Entertainment to renew the license failed. AEG hopes to continue supporting the game online, but no additional products will be produced.

Rumors are circulating that Stargate is the new license Eden Studios will be announcing at GTS next month, but Eden’s George Vasilakos has semi-denied it. According to his forum post, “Currenlty [sic], we have only one new license for 2005 being announced this year for 3rd quarter release. That will be announced at GAMA… and it’s not Stargate.” However, no comment was made on whether Eden will have a Stargate license after 2005. We’ll see if they’re saddling up to ride the next big licensed game, or if they’ll have to keep searching for a Buffy-level hit.


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