WotC senior designer on why books are not great sometimes

You don’t see this getting talked about in public much. And, well, it’s possible we weren’t supposed to see it in public at all. But more likely it came out of a forum or something. This (specifically, the curtailing of the scope and selection of Forgotten Realms sourcebooks) is what it costs to keep D&D in print, so if you care about the business, pay attention. You see, WotC has these things called “targets” – and they hit them.


  1. Seems to me this is excellent news for online campaign settings like Agyris.net or Mythosa.net.

    Besides being free, these online worlds can offer a ton more content, and not have to worry about the page count or *urm* overall cost.

    It is nice not having to limit one’s work so.

    – Daniel

  2. To be fair, producers of online work don’t have to worry as much about overall cost… unless you’re saying that the time of the artists who did those marvelous illos for you has no value at all.

    Man, I’m glad you’re reading, Daniel. I have tons more to say about Agyris and PDFs and everything else, if I can only ever get the time.

  3. Well yes, you’re right, the overall costs *DO* exist, but they’re infinitely small compared to print.

    All I’m really saying is that I can basically create whatever I want, and not have to edit it down to fit into any sort of pagecount. I want to follow my muse, not my accountant.

    >Man, I’m glad you’re reading…

    Well, yes…

    I couldn’t help but notice all of the **great** things you’ve been saying about Agyris. Sometimes I wonder if anybody is *getting it* at all… but you’ve helped encourage me to keep moving on.

    I’d love to chat sometime. Look me up when you get some time.

    – Daniel

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