GTS press wrap-up, part the first

March 15th, 2005: Mike Sugarbaker says...
GTS press wrap-up, part the first

Since we haven’t got a correspondent at GAMA this year, our coverage comes to you live from the OgreCave.com Worldwide Network GTS-CENTERPLEX Coverage Center (which looks suspiciously like the cubicles at our day jobs), where we tap into every GTS news source available to our high technology (which looks suspiciously like reading the same news sites you do) and bring you the highlights. To wit:

  • features a few surprises, including four Star Sisterz books, all of which have titles that make them sound vaguely like softcore pornography.
  • WotC kills GI JOE TCG effective immediately. Everybody now, along with me: COOOHHHHH-BRRRAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!
  • Despite our increasingly frequent claim that WotC understands and uses market research better than almost anyone else in the industry, . You know, 41% of 15-year-olds in focus groups think it’s “edgy” to say “hecka.”
  • The first photograph here (scroll down) suggests that AEG will also be announcing a City of Heroes product. My first guess would be a CCG. [Update: Yup.]
  • reveals there will actually be a book called “D&D for Dummies” coming out. Hits in April. That sound you just heard was a thousand asinine morning radio DJs and comedy writers licking their chops in anticipation.


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