Ronin Arts’ Superline now in super format

Ronin Arts fans can now grab a limited print copy of the company’s latest M&M Superlink product, Superline #1: Tomorrow’s Headlines. For those who weren’t aware, Superline is a new series of supplements that will “present fan-oriented gaming material for M&M Superlink in a comic book format and with comic book spirit.” This is the way all supers RPG products should be presented, and at $3 plus an SASE, it’s even cheaper than the PDF version! Has Phil Reed gone mad? Only with his skillz, my friend. [EDIT: Or I’m missing the detail Phil just pointed out below that states “to puchase Superline #1 without the need to buy the PDF” the print copy is $10. See, he hasn’t gone mad at all. It’s just me.]


  1. An important note: That $3 plus an SASE offer is only for those who purchase the PDF ($5.95). To order the print version only is $10. It can be ordered here:

    The print version is limited and will not be reprinted in this format (though collections of issues may be printed).

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