Dark days ahead for Round Table

The next boardgame release from Days of Wonder will visit the court of King Arthur, in Shadows Over Camelot. From the preview info given thus far, it looks to be part Reiner Knizia’s Lord of the Rings (players cooperate against the game itself), part Talisman (there are seven choices of knights to play, items to gain, and health to track), and part Clue (one of the knights may be a traitor, and a hidden card reveals who it is). Days of Wonder is pulling out the stops to stir up pre-release excitement, as an eighth knight, Sir Bedivere, is the free giveaway figure from this month’s Game Trade Magazine. In all, this game looks to be another solid strategy title.

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  1. I watched someone play a demo of this while I was at GTS in march. I am a huge fan of their games (Pirates Cove is my favorite of the bunch) and I must say, this one looks best of all.

    I am totally looking forward to getting my hands on it when it comes out.

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