New Torg interim edition as PDF; Sven won’t sleep for days

He will be too busy saying “DUDE!!!” over and over again, and hitting reload at RPGnow waiting for the Torg 1.5 Revised and Expanded Rulebook to hit as a PDF in the “next few days.” June will supposedly bring us a hardcover “limited edition” – $38 is way too cheap for a 275-page gamebook, let alone for something that says “limited” on it, but I’m sure nobody but me and Steve Long will complain, and there is a lot to like about this way of doing a release. Y’see, this is all part of the road to an alleged 2.0 version of the game next year, meaning that WEG gets a lot of free playtesting and online chatter from Torg‘s long-starved hardcore fans. PDF release as viral marketing! I don’t think the day is too far away when releasing your game electronically first, then in print if it does well, will not only be much more common but may be required. I keep saying I’ll write more about that, but read this from Ron Edwards for now.


  1. Well, I can’t say that I’ll run out and buy the hardcover but that PDF is definately mine. Torg was my very second roleplaying game right after AD&D. I’m certainly glad to see it coming back.

  2. I can’t believe you’d characterize me in such a fan-boyish manner.

    DUDE!! The wait’s finally almost very-nearly over!

  3. To answer Mr. Bob Dobolina’s question, it is neither D6 or MasterTorg, it’s just the original Torg rules collected together and spruced up a bit.

  4. Yes, this should be the long-fabled Torg revision that WEG had on hand even before the company’s change in ownership a few years back. By one “Kansas” Jim Ogle, of the post above. Are there any big changes you can mention, Jim?

  5. There isn’t much in the way of big changes, it’s mostly little corrections, clarifications and additions. And I haven’t seen the final product so I don’t even know if everything I wrote made it in or not.

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