Steal this developer’s journal: details on Thieves’ World

Right, so… Thieves’ World. Green Ronin is doing it for D20. There’s a dev journal with one article up so far. I keep waiting for some company or another to embrace the weblog a little more fully; I just feel like that’s the form this kind of article belongs in these days. But it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Nothing but… coffee. And roleplaying products. And coffee.


  1. That’s the example I had in mind, yeah. Varney is just about a perfect example of a developer who knows how to take advantage of the Internet. The whole “developer’s journal” thing where, once development is over, you stop writing it? Uh-uh. The day will come soon when that will be a bigger liability to your product than a lack of announced supplements.

  2. Huzzah!

    There was a sign for this up at the last GenCon Indy, and I’ve been waiting for news on TW ever since.

    Good show, Ogres!

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