Topps bringing “Yo Mama” to Blockbuster first

May 28th, 2005: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Topps bringing “Yo Mama” to Blockbuster first

We’ve known for a while that we have the Wayans brothers to thank for the frightening concept of The Dozens CCG, which Topps plans to release just after the weekend (June 1). Now ICv2 reports that the “ancestor-insulting game” will be exclusive to Blockbuster stores until the beginning of August. No additional information has been released about the hardness level of the gum to be packaged with the game.

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  1. Paul of Cthulhu says:

    This info was also mentioned by Mike Fitzgerald in the Gathering of Friends interview podcast he did with Board Game Geek. I’m finding their podcasts to be jolly useful sources of information.

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