Next two Avalon Hill ship dates have slipped

Release dates have slipped on RoboRally and Vegas Showdown – the former to July and the latter to the start of the Xmas buying season. I really only post this to give a good ol’ Nelson “ha ha” to everyone who was hoping to see RR at Origins, now that I know I can’t go. Which doesn’t make any sense, but I wanna do it anyway. Well, also to say I got Nexus Ops and my first inspection confirms what the early reviews have said: namely, it’s a very straightforward battle game with nice bits, much like WarCraft would have been if it hadn’t shipped broken. (I still contend that WarCraft is great with the errata, and don’t currently think Nexus Ops will be better, although the bits are even nicer.) Lastly, because Vegas Showdown piques my interest more every time I hear about it. And even more lastly, because posting anything about AH seems to enrage everyone amusingly. So there’s that.