Dear Internet, you’re fired

Okay, it’s the first full day of Origins, the Origins Award winners are supposedly sitting around on posters everywhere, and the best you can manage is one press release on this one for Eberron? Jeez. Tear yourselves away from staring at that crazy carpet pattern for a minute and put something online already.


  1. Let me get this straight: you guys think the World Wide Web is entirely made out of important things?

  2. Up until came online, there were important things on the internet. 😉


  3. Considering how boring, dull, and uninteresting the Origins Awards nominees were this year… Not one of the titles in the RPG category was *exactly* new, and all have been either nominated or won before. The general public was severely limited in terms of choice.

    Well, I am not really bothered.

    The moment that the awards are prepared to encompass games from the independent sector, then I will actually be bothered.

  4. Winners I’ve been able to find:

    Traditional Card Game or Expansion: Cthulhu 500, Atlas Games

    Best Role-Playing Game: Ars Magica: 5th Edition, Atlas Games

    Best Role-Playing Game Supplement: Eberron Campaign Setting, Wizards of the Coast

    Best Nonfiction Publication: Pyramid Magazine, Steve Jackson Games

    Best Game Accessory: Cardboard Heroes Castles, Steve Jackson Games

  5. now now, let’s be fair…
    this IS the first award WotC has gotten in an RPG game for oh…

    what a week?
    afterall it isn’t like there are any other game companies that put out a better product right?

  6. All right, that’s it. Time for a new poll. Let us know where you stand (as if you haven’t already). 🙂

  7. I think you can put me in the “game industry awards mean nothing to me. I’m going to buy what I want regardless” category.

    I also happen to agree with Matthew Pook. When is someone going to realize that just because you haven’t seen it at your LGS doesn’t mean it isn’t good? And why can we have a category for PBeM games but nobody is willing to set one up for PDF-based gaming products?

  8. Of course WotC wins awards, they’re one of the few companies with money to throw around, and as much as anyone might deny the fact, things like production values, glossy pages, full-colour artwork and hardback books DO count for quite a bit. not all, I’m certain, but quite a bit. What amuses me was that Eberron has done so well despite the fact that Wizards were determined not to do a steampunk-ish thing for so long.

    I also agree that, until the Origins awards are expanded to encompass PDF releases, even if only in their own specific category rather than side by side with the big boys, the Origins awars will be meaningless. Might as well add my voice to the masses! You never know, if enough people agree on something, maybe the people in authority will do something about it. Then again, maybe not.

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