Transformers movie release date announced

July 14th, 2005: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Transformers movie release date announced

It was already known that a live action Transformers movie is in the works, and that Spielberg is attached to the project, but this was all to happen in the vague, distant future. Well, today’s announcement sets the date as July 4th, 2007, which Dreamworks should be able to adhere to (unless the company gets scared off by a Fantastic Four sequel or the like). I keep saying this is begging to be an RPG, especially with Hasbro owning both WotC and the Transformers property.

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If someone could craft said theoretical game with the feel of classic Battletech combined with Cartoon Action Hour, they might have a hit. Loads of full color screenshots from the movie, hardcover rulebook, the works. Of course, things could go the other way as well, and we could have another D&D movie calamity on our hands.


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