Rumors of WizKids’ next CSG release

We’ve recently heard an unconfirmed rumor of plans for a NASCAR CSG coming from WizKids in the fall. I don’t know if that would have the same mass appeal that HeroClix and Pirates of the Spanish Main have stumbled across, but it’ll be interesting to see how the game’s received. Perhaps a licensed version of Car Wars could see the light of day?


  1. Ah, good. I’m glad they chased some info to ground. Still not sure how a NASCAR-themed game will fare in the current marketplace.

  2. I find it fascinating that a company that is already having some issues with sales see’s their salvation in the CCG market. There are many people are convinced CCGs are heading toward their next major bust. I have this odd feeling that whoever develops future products for WK bought his crystal ball at a garage sale…

  3. Looks like GR reported there’s after OgreCave according to the timestamp on the article.

  4. Well, you gotta give Wizkids credit for trying new things. They could have sat on their pile of money and pumped out Mage Knight clones for the next 10 years….and gotten bitched at for not innovating. Damned if you do…

    As for their new products:
    The car one probably has the best hit potential, depending how they handle it. Even if it was just a Nascar race one, if you were able to switch out drivers and equipment, that would be interesting. I myself would prefer some sort of ‘car combat’ thing..but then again, I am a geek.

    Hey….isn’t the company behind City of Heroes releasing a car combat MMORPG soon? They’ve got a relationship…hmmmmmm

  5. NASCAR has more of a mass market appeal. Wizkids will easily sell tons more of its NASCAR game than any of the car combat games out there. They are definitely making the right move. Besides, if you’re a true geek you’ll figure out a way to use your NASCAR CSG stuff in a modified Car Wars hybrid. 😉

  6. Bah. That’s what matchbox cars are for. I would like a beer and pretzels car combat game though….

  7. Hmm. It won’t be long now until Steve Jackson decided to go into the CAR WARS CSG trend.

    Unless someone get there first.

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