James Ernest and Mike Selinker choose interesting name for new high-end publisher

With a press-release headline like “Titanic Games Takes to the Water – New Board and Card Game Company,” I happily admit that I had my knives out. I mean, come on, wouldn’t you? However, it merely appears that one of the best design teams out there has found a couple of people willing to bankroll a proper publishing company. Said publisher will do nice things like that long-fantasized-about deluxe version of Kill Doctor Lucky, the lavish-sounding (and shockingly Vegas Showdown-esque) Dust and Sin, and an “anthology game” called Stonehenge featuring five designs for the same components by Ernest, Selinker, and three other names that truly make it an all-star cast. I am kind of assuming that the industry vets behind the cheekily named new company do actually know what they’re doing, despite the crazy expense of this opening lineup. If they pull it all off I’ll be ecstatic – this is the kind of action we need.