GenCon 05 aftermath: return of the Audio Report

August 25th, 2005: Mike Sugarbaker says...
GenCon 05 aftermath: return of the Audio Report

Back on the stick! Back in the seat! Back on maybe some metaphor that doesn’t sound as dirty! Here’s 28 minutes of good stuff from the GenCon show floor. We might paste some more into the regular on-mic podcast, which should get back on track for next week into the foreseeable future. Enjoy!



  1. Del says:

    John Wick raving about a D20 project? Okay, that’s the end all be all of a report.

  2. Farik says:

    Another fine show. Any chance you’ll start uploading the show to the iTune’s podcast directory?

  3. misuba says:

    From what I know, we have iTunes subscribers already, which should put us in the directory…

  4. Chris says:

    if you do a search in the podcast directory, it is indeed there…

  5. Starhawk says:

    I wish there were still content on the site for those of us that don’t have 30-45 minutes to listen to an audio file. 🙁

  6. Allan Sugarbaker says:

    Workin’ on it. Gotta play catch up with Real Life (TM) after GenCon’s upheaval. Sorry for the delay.

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