Gen Con Indy now probably Gen Con… um… somewhere

At GenCon, we taped, but didn’t post, a long coda to Peter Adkison’s con-focused press conference. It was by a representative of the Indianapolis Convention Center, announcing the big plans to start expanding the center, virtually right after GenCon closed up. Well, apparently they aren’t gonna be done by next year. Where might they head? If Indy’s too small, Chicago’s the only reasonable choice in the area, in which they’ve said they’ll stay. That might change up the dates. (That’s just speculation, you monkeys!) Interesting times. [UPDATE: Indy is the place in 2006; such is the official word in the comments.]


  1. I think the most interesting thing about that article is 1) how much money the show brings to the city, and 2) it’s their biggest show of the year…

  2. There are no plans to move Gen Con from Indy in 2006.

    Rennie Araucto
    Director of Program Management
    Gen Con LLC

    We’ve already issued a Press Release to counter any incorrect information.

  3. If they want a world-class convention they should put it in a world-class city.

    Gen Con Chicago.


  4. Dai Oni – I’m with you on putting Gen Con in Hawaii, but Chicago is the nearest world-class city to the region they want to keep Gen Con in. Have you ever been there? What do you have against Chicago?

  5. I have nothing against Chicago. I’m just not convinced it is a world-class city as you…

    …boasted. 😉

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