Urge to Let’s Kill rising

Are you into darkly humorous card games? Are you into stick figures? Are you confused yet? What I’m getting at is Atlas Games‘ October release, Let’s Kill: Second Edition, a gruesome little game that indulges your inner axe murderer. Players gain fame by killing off annoying people (cheerleaders, beatnicks… you know the sort) in creative ways. The game’s cards, such as “Sniper Rifle, Clocktower, and a Box of Oreos,” aren’t for children or the easily offended, which the artwork can still achieve despite being black & white stick figure scenes with the occasional slash of red. Our copy of the game’s original release, then from Sancho Games, is one of my wife’s all-time favorites, proving once and for all that I married the right gal. Atlas will sell the revised, updated Let’s Kill for $19.95.

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  1. Dangit, I want to know when they are re-releasing Crisis…between that and Let’s Kill that Gen Con was filled with messed up boardgames…

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